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Slide 80% of your meetings are useless or inefficient Slide Lack of preparation, too many participants, no reporting ... Slide We've all been through it right? It is even the biggest hidden cost in a company. Slide What if we told you that Bobby could fix it ...
for free!
Time to kill useless meetings! TRY BOBBY FOR FREE no credit card required

Less Meetings, Less Participants,
More Efficient

Optimized individual invitations

Meeting time tracking

Minute sharing and hosting

Identified speakers

Funny soundboards included

Make Bobby part of your everyday life

A golden opportunity to ...

Run effective meetings

Bobby allows you to quickly prepare your meeting and stay focused on the objectives.

Send professional invitations

You will impress your colleagues by sending detailed and professional agendas that will encourage your participants to prepare for this event

Optimize attendance times

By sending out personalized invitations, you ensure that you only engage stakeholders when they are needed. Calendars will finally be able to breathe!

Always keep an eye on the time

An effective meeting is one that starts and ends on time. To help you stay on top of your meeting, Bobby displays a timer that allows you to cover all the topics you have planned without going over the limit.

Send in 1 click your meeting minutes

Sharing the minutes is essential for the meeting to be truly effective and for participants to know the decisions and action plan. With Bobby, automatically send structured minutes!

Store your minutes and notes in a safe place

The minutes of meetings are nowadays scattered in emails, professional messengers or storage solutions. Bobby allows you to store them in one place with an intelligent search system.

Works on all chromium-based browsers

and even on your mobile Android devices

They have already saved 45% of their time

Just saying ...

Let’s be honest …

We all know the causes of useless meetings.

(No matter where you live)

Lack of clear purpose + -

All too frequently, meetings are held for the primary benefit of the meeting leader. If you are unable to clearly explain why you are having the meeting and the meeting’s desired output, then you are not prepared to be an effective meeting leader.

Unprepared participants + -

Lack of clear purpose is the main reason participants show up unprepared. Beyond a clearly written statement about the meeting’s purpose, scope, and deliverable, participants need advance understanding about the agenda.

Blased leadership + -

Nothing will restrain the input of participants faster than a leader who begins to emphasize their personal answer. Participants will then hope the leader exposes an entire position before they begin to make contributions, so that they know where they stand, and avoid embarrassment about being “wrong”.

Scope creep + -

All too often, meetings dive deep into the weeds or challenge the purpose. Nobody wants more meetings, they only want results.

Poor structure + -

Lack of structure applies both at the meeting level and within each agenda step. Structure enhances flexibility and gives you a method for delivering ‘done’. Most leaders are competent at soliciting ideas but remain frail during the analysis activity


Anyway, it's all over now!

Cause you're about to meet Bobby

And believe us, he's gonna change everything ...

1. Amazing onboarding 1 Amazing onboarding Prepare your meetings and focus on your topics 2 2 Perfect timing for everyone Our calendar need to breath. Say goodbye to endless meetings. 3 3 Automated minute sharing In one click, share readable notes that really boost your projects 4 4 Speakers clearly designated Always control a meeting and let your hidden talents speak 5 5 Preconfigured templates Start from scratch or choose one of our professionnal proven templates 6 6 Minutes room Always keep an eye on all your notes to boost your projects

Download our
chrome extension 
for free

Face to face or visioconference,

Meetings are everywhere

So yeah, everyone is concerned!


Human ressources







If you have important meetings,

Then Bobby should bring you everything you've been dreaming of

As a boss, you need to keep an eye on all the projects in your company. Unfortunately, you can’t attend every meeting. You also know that meetings are extremely costly for your company. To ensure that meetings are efficient (and therefore profitable), Bobby is the ideal solution!

You have the difficult task of organizing meetings with your team. To boost your projects and engage your employees, Bobby helps you prepare your meetings and professionalizes you by sending invitations and detailed minutes.

You have a series of meetings with your prospects and clients. To build loyalty, win a new client, or simply to organize your projects, Bobby is a great ally. It gives you a professional image and you never forget anything!

In a large company, it is sometimes difficult to keep track of all the projects and to coordinate all the stakeholders. With Bobby, you can speed up your projects and systematically share important notes after each meeting. Bobby is so simple that it can be used by all departments in your company.

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"Don't know how this hasn't been made before Really a big fan of these features : Time management with time tracking / Minutes of the meeting, available in real time Looking forward to see the next features roll-out."

"Now I feel much better because I am not controlling the meetings anymore, Bobby is. My colleagues found it quite fun actually. Also the minutes part is very useful"
"Create your meetings from any webpage! I use it to easily plan several meetings in one. Indeed, I can split an hourly meeting into 2 or more timeslots and keep interested participants and ensure the members stay focused 🙂 Plus the UI is cute!
Bobby is an amazing tool to prepare your meetings. Easy to use, intuitive, design, fun and above all ... useful. I highly recommend if you want to save time.

"Bobby is a game changer! Nobody want to loose his time in useless meetings.
This soft is an answer to all meetings painpoints"

"Why do we need to invite
the whole world to meetings?
Bobby always make sure that meetings are effective.
And it's work so well!"

The true cost of meetings

Be careful, it's scary! 😳

Meetings are probably one of the most expensive overhead costs within your organization, and many are considered ineffective. Time to discover what are meetings truly costing to your organization?

Don't change anything,

Just welcome Bobby in your stack


No, Bobby is not a new video conferencing solution. Your tools are already doing the job perfectly, and we know it! Bobby allows you to efficiently prepare a meeting, whether traditional or online, and optimise the productivity of all participants by really boosting your projects!

G. Meet Visio

Skype Messaging

Whereby Visio

Teams Messaging

Google Calendar


Slack Messaging


iCal Calendar

Vectera Visio

Play with our free soundboards

Because sometimes you need to
break to ice during meetings





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of Executives

consider most meetings a failure


of Employees

admit to multitasking during meetings


admit to checking email during meetings.


admitted to doing other, unrelated work.


admitted to do multitasking "often" or "all the time".

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Exciting stories, additional tools, incredible tips ... A good way to improve your productivity and have a good time!

New : Already an update for you

Now that Bobby is launched, we’re going to make a series of updates to add all the features you’ve been dreaming of.And we’ve already started by delivering a cool update. Big news, you can now select 3 widget sizes: Standard

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